If U Believe with Hook

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If U Believe (Instrumental) with Hook 
Genre: Beats with Hooks 
Subgenre(s): Hip Hop, Pop, Underground, Boom Bap, Experimental, Ambient, Top 40 
Main Instruments: Piano, Guitar, Vocals, Vox, Scratch, etc. 
Tempo: 82 bpm 
Song Key: A-sharp_minor 
Suggested Song Topics: Life Struggles, Storytelling, Ambition, Love, Relationship, Despair, Passion, Motivation, Bullying, Sadness, Loss, Heartbreak, Depression, Passion, Politics, Religion. 

If you believe in love 
Then we could make it better 
And I will stay with you 
And we will live forever 
We'll take the long way back home 
And face this world alone 
Until we've found our broken dreams 
The ones we called our own 

* All Beats with Hooks automatically include both versions, with and without the hook.