Hard Day's Night with Hook

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Hard Day's Night (Instrumental) with Hook 
Genre: Beats with Hooks 
Subgenre(s): Hip Hop, Pop, Underground, Boom Bap, Experimental, Ambient, Top 40 
Main Instruments: Piano, Guitar, Vocals, Vox, Scratch, etc. 
Tempo: 82 bpm 
Song Key: F_minor 
Suggested Song Topics: Life Struggles, Storytelling, Ambition, Love, Relationship, Despair, Passion, Motivation, Bullying, Sadness, Loss, Heartbreak, Depression, Passion, Politics, Religion. 

When the day is done
Hold Me Close
Promises are ours to keep
All the clouds will disappear

Who can say where the road will go
As the world goes round and round
Wipe away your tears baby
I am home