Distant Memories with Hook

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Distant Memories (Instrumental) 
Genre: Beats with Hooks 
Subgenre(s): Rock, Alternative, Ambient, Top 40 
Main Instruments: Guitar, Keyboard, Synth, Vox, Vocals, etc. 
Tempo: 84 bpm 
Song Key: G-sharp_minor 
Suggested Song Topics: Heartbreak, Sadness, Loneliness, Love, Passion, Regret, Depression, Despair, Loss, Anxiety, Conflict, Storytelling, etc. 

I can see the lights in our hearts 
All the memories are falling down (2x) 

If we go different ways 
my thoughts and all my faiths 
will go with you 
If we live different lives 
my dreams, my arms, my eyes 
will always miss you 

* All Beats with Hooks automatically include both versions, with and without the hook.