Sound Packs

The downloadable Sound Samples may be used in preparation of a Music Production, Song Recording, Video and/or Film project only. When using Sound Samples for the creation of a Musical Composition (“Instrumental Production” or "Song Recording"), the licensed Audio Content must accompany other original sounds in order to create a new Derivative Work.

Intended for, but not limited to, recording artists that would like to produce their own musical compositions or add foley effects to song recordings (E.g. rainfall, thunder, cars passing, etc.). For “Loops” or “Drum Breaks,” these samples must be used in a manner that consists of distinct customizations; such as modifications to the original pitch and/or tempo and must be accompanied by other original sounds. When using Sound Packs, “originality” is necessary to ensure that your new “Derivative Work” produces a Unique Audio Fingerprint.

The Sound Packs License includes instant access to download the audio content (E.g. foley, drum samples, audio loops, sound effects, etc.) in WAV format; within a compressed zip. A downloadable PDF License is also included which may accompany a copy of your Order Receipt for proof of licensing.

This Sound Packs License is solely valid for the End User (who has purchased directly through “Sinima Beats”). Sharing, resale, loan, rental, or transfer of these Sound Samples in any medium or format is strictly prohibited. They may not be included, whether unmodified or as part of a derivative work, in any sample library, virtual instrument or similar product.

Lease License Formats and Files - Copyright Sinima Beats All Rights Reserved