Exclusive Rights

Applies to products listed in the Exclusive Beats category only. Perfect for recording artists with a fast-growing fan base and/or need exclusivity. This Nontransferable “Exclusive Rights License” is sold once, to a single buyer only, and includes a downloadable Musical Composition that may be used in preparation of a Song Recording (I.e. Exclusively licensed music must include added vocals, lyrics, melodies, etc.).

Exclusive Beats are made specifically to be used by one licensee only (I.e. not previously licensed to others). Record and sell your song for UNLIMITED single or album sales (E.g. CD's, Vinyl, etc.), internet downloads and monetized streams; in either combination and you keep all earnings; with the exception of Broadcast Royalties (E.g. ASCAP, BMI, etc.). In addition, you may use your Song Recording for radio broadcasts, paid performances, websites, ringtone, music video, etc. Your distributor will assign a unique ISRC code specific to your song, which will track all sales and streams worldwide for payouts.

The Exclusive Beats License includes instant access to download the untagged instrumental (I.e. all vocal advertisements removed) in both WAV and MP3 formats. Stem files (E.g. track outs, multi-tracks, etc.) are included for further flexibility in your mix and may take up to 24 hours before becoming accessible with your downloads. A downloadable PDF License is also included which may accompany a copy of your Order Receipt for proof of exclusive licensing. Since this license is exclusive, permission to submit your song to Content ID and audio fingerprinting services via a Third Party distributor is also included.

This Exclusive Rights License is solely valid for the Licensee (who has purchased directly through “Sinima Beats”). Sharing, resale, loan, rental, or transfer of the Musical Composition (I.e. exclusively licensed audio content as provided by Sinima Beats) in any format or medium is strictly prohibited.

Exclusive Rights License Formats and Files - Copyright Sinima Beats All Rights Reserved