Cover Art

The downloadable Cover Art Template may be used to prepare an image for a Song or Album Project only; intended for digital distribution, website social media sharing, etc. This license is not intended for disc printing or tangible manufacturing. Photoshop is required to use this file.

Once you download the PSD file and open the template in Photoshop, you may change the text to include the applicable “Artist Name” or “Pseudonym” and project “Title.” If you need to customize the licensed Graphic Design Content, you may do so (E.g. color changes, adding or removing elements where applicable, replacing applicable logos, etc.).

The Cover Art License includes instant access to download the Photoshop file (I.e. all Sinima Beats watermarks are removed). A downloadable PDF License is also included which may accompany a copy of your Order Receipt for proof of licensing.

This Cover Art License is solely valid for the End User (who has purchased directly through “Sinima Beats”). Sharing, resale, loan, rental, or transfer of this Cover Art Template in any medium or format is strictly prohibited. It may not be included, whether unmodified or as part of a derivative work, in any graphic library, template or similar product. This Cover Art Template is strictly intended for use by the End User only (E.g. “Recording Artist”). Unauthorized use for the purpose of outsourcing graphic design services for a Third Party is strictly prohibited.

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