Get Rich or Die Tryin' with Hook

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Get Rich or Die Tryin' (Instrumental) with Hook 
Genre: Beats with Hooks 
Subgenre(s): Trap, Club, Cloud Rap 
Main Instruments: Piano, Synth, Lead, Vocals, Vox, etc. 
Tempo: 84 bpm 
Song Key: A-sharp_minor 
Suggested Song Topics: Ambition, Motivation, Storytelling, Aggression, Anger, Freestyle, Life Struggles, Get Rich or Die Trying, Life Struggles, etc. 

Livin' your life chasin' a check
while they ch-ch-checkin' your progression
Do you want it all?
They say you're on the top, p-please don't put me in a box
th-that's their obsession
Do you want it all?

* All Beats with Hooks automatically include both versions, with and without the hook.