Rise Up with Hook

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Rise Up (Instrumental) with Hook 
Genre: Beats with Hooks 
Subgenres: Reggae, Hip Hop, Island, Experimental, Funk 
Main Instruments: Trumpet, Keyboard, Organ, Piano,  Voice, etc. 
Tempo: 86.5 bpm 
Song Key: A-sharp_minor 
Suggested Song Topics: Life Struggles, Religion, Peace, Happiness, Love, Politics, Family, Friendship, Storytelling, Freestyle, etc. 

The rich is gettin' richer, poor is gettin' poor 
Mr. Poverty your number will-a-forget da people 'dem will feel it 
But time soon comes-a-don't ya worry no more 
Put your trust in-a-da Father, you'll be safe and secure (2x) 

The money saw I seen jay, eh 
The key to listen to what I say, hey 
I'm talkin' for the youths of today, eh 
Don't let nobody lead you astray 
Cause, I thought that you know 
You will reap what you sow 
Tell the source that-that life is a road 
With a lots of sign but some people walk blind 
Them goin' like they don't know, cold 

* All Beats with Hooks automatically include both versions, with and without the hook.