Damaged People with Hook

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Damaged People (Instrumental) with Hook 
Genre: Beats with Hooks
Subgenres: EDM, Dubstep, Club, Pop, Top 40, Experimental 
Main Instruments: Piano, Synth, Choir, Vocals, etc. 
Tempo: 140 bpm (70 bpm) 
Song Key: B_minor 
Suggested Song Topics: Relationship, Love, Heartbreak, Sadness, Loneliness. 

The reflection of my face, some wouldn’t even recognize 
or who put me in this place, I wouldn’t even recognize 
Time has been so cruel, I could’ve blamed me but I blame you, I do 

Those walls I’ve built up, I’m gonna knock ‘em down if I stay strong
and I keep holding on 
Run a run, run a run, run away from all the pain inside, run a run, run and hide 
you gotta live the rest of your life
Stay strong 
If I stay strong, run away 
If I stay strong, I’m gonna knock 

* All Beats with Hooks automatically include both versions, with and without the hook.