YouTube Content ID Resolution

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YouTube Content ID Resolution


If you have purchased a license from SINIMA BEATS and have received a copyright notice for your video (on behalf of SINIMA BEATS), please follow the steps listed below:

1. Go to your YouTube channel (you must be logged in)
2. Click Video Manager near the top of the page
3. Locate the claimed video from the list
4. Click the Matched third party content link
5. Where it reads If you think this is an invalid claim, you can file a dispute, click on file a dispute
6. From the options, select: I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder
7. Before clicking Continue check the I am sure I have a license or written permission…
8. In the text box, under where it says “Please explain briefly,” input the following text along with your order email address (for verification):

The music used in my video upload is "Royalty Free Music," and it is being used with licensed permission from the exclusive copyright owner, "SINIMA BEATS" (License Certification: INSERT ORDER #). The music used is "INSERT BEAT TITLE," reference: This an invalid claim. Please remove this invalid claim as soon as possible. Thank you.

* It is important to note that you do not have permission to send your song to any Content ID systems or companies that administer copyrights on YouTube as our royalty free music licenses are not suitable for this purpose since they are non-exclusive. You can monetize your song only through your own YouTube Channel and AdSense account only. This information is also noted in the PDF License included in your downloads and on the Terms of Use page.