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We've included some helpful information that may be useful the next time you write a song:

Sound Quality:
Some songs can get away with low quality recordings, but the standard is that great songs are generally well-produced and mixed properly; which also consists of matching the quality of the times. Anything less may distract the listener with thoughts of: "This sounds subpar."

Hone Your Craft:
Great songs are the result of honing your writing and vocal performance skills; sometimes re-recording or rewriting lyrics again and again until the song sounds just right. There is a difference between quickly throwing something together and carefully crafting a record that has the ability to become a timeless classic. Before displaying your talents to the world, you may want to put in your 10,000 hours. Once you've put in the time and developed confidence in your own sound, you'll be ready to share it with the world.

Being honest means more than simply telling the truth; it's telling the truth from your unique perspective. A person going through a rough patch in life can sometimes find solace in a profoundly honest song; where the recording artist is able to display a deep understanding of the same situation they're going through.

Perhaps you've drawn some influence from other songwriters or happen to sound similar to someone else. It's perfectly normal. However, it's important to eventually find your own distinct sound or style. Something that will set you apart from others. In addition to being unique, you can try writing about a topic that has never been done or write about a familiar topic from a fresh new perspective.

There are other things to consider, however, the above mentioned are a good place to start. So, what will your next song sound like? Will you have honed your craft? Write the truth as you see it? Will you push the bar by creating something truly original? Then you have what it takes to make a great song. A well-produced beat wouldn't hurt too! Check out our latest productions here.

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